Oliver Hewison

I am a generalist programmer, currently working on an unannounced game title at Friday Sundae Studio.
I primarily write Systems & Tools for Unity in C#, and also do Engine & Graphics code in C++ as well as Shaders in HLSL/GLSL.
This is my website and portfolio, where you can see some of my past and current personal projects.

Work History

I have three years of professional experience in the games industry. Additional details including role responsibilities are shown in my CV.

Global Game Jam

Since 2020, I have participated in the yearly Global Game Jam, which runs for 48 hours. These are the games I jammed on each year.

UWE - Games Technology

I studied BSc. Games Technology at the University of the West of England for three years, and had a great time there.
These are a few of the game-related projects I worked on.

Past Projects

These are some additional projects that I have released in the past, including other game jams and personal projects.